What is this thing?

Fintech Compliance Chronicles is a labor of love, conceptualized in the week before a life-altering job layoff, and eventually becoming a full time endeavor for the good part of a year. Despite my (the author’s) successfully landing a new job, this continues and is in fact growing. The newsletter is focused on all things in the fintech compliance (banking, payments, crypto, lending, credit, etc) space, with a particular focus on what the regulators are up to, a question that seems to mystify so many people. We publish both here and on LinkedIn.

Why subscribe?

There are many fintech/financial services newsletters and podcasts out there. In fact, I’ve linked to five of them on the front page that you should also sign up for. But what makes us unique is two things - first, more tactically, we publish a weekly roundup of what strives to be every single in-person or virtual webinar/conference/event in the fintech world; and second, more philosophically, we dig really deep to get to the bottom of stories while trying to explain it to you in English. You will find series here where we’ve gone four or five parts in trying to help make sense of really complicated deals, regulatory actions, potential regulations, events we attend, and more. Simply put, we don’t do anything half-hearted here.

Why go paid?

This is the $25 (or $240, if you go for annual) question. So you might like our weekly content, but why should you pay?

First, let me review everything we offer for our paying members:


A one-stop-shop of valuable industry information for fintech compliance, featuring:

·        A comprehensive database of global regulatory enforcement actions listing the regulator, country, penalty, a brief description of the action, and a copy of the enforcement

·        New regulations, bills, or rules under consideration or having been passed

·        A global registry of consumer fintech startups receiving funding with our assessment of their compliance profile

·        The CFPB’s complaint tracker on steroids, featuring the complaints from the original database along with a pull of complaints for the same companies from their social media pages


A global community of fintech compliance professionals meeting to discuss the above and more, connecting through the following means:

·        A members-only WhatsApp group and LinkedIn group

·        2 virtual meetups every month

·        1 in-person meetup every month in NYC or elsewhere

Second, let me talk about the pricing. For comparison, consulting firms will charge thousands of dollars for access to things like the tracker alone (trust me, I checked), and folks pay thousands of dollars to attend conferences for 2-3 days to hear talks that many times could easily be found in podcasts for free with the same speakers, while walking past sales booths that may or may not be relevant, and getting a bit of time to network. We are offering all of it for just $25 a month or $240 a year. If you’re not satisfied, you can always cancel your subscription (and do feel free to leave us feedback if you choose to do so).

Pricing Schedule

We will include this at the end of every post going forward, but here’s our abbreviated pricing schedule:

$25/month ($240/annual) - 1) Fintech Compliance Tracker - Exclusive access to our enforcement action, regulations, complaints and funding database along with 2) Fintech Compliance Circle - Join our exclusive community to gain access to a private chat and in-person and virtual meetups.
$15/month ($144/annual) - Fintech Compliance Tracker only
$10/month ($96/annual) - Fintech Compliance Circle only

For more information or questions, contact me at zarik @ finsolute.consulting - thank you!

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